Christmas Office Party Etiquette in 2023

tidy do Lavon international cultural consultant and etiquette expert delighted to tune in today because we’re gonna have a lot of fun. Today we are going to discuss the etiquette of the company holiday party who Okay, so legendary tales of people going astray, right? The old company holiday party, okay, we’re gonna look at this through an etiquette lens and you are going to be the hit when no phone calls for you. Okay, so let’s just think about this for a moment the company is going to throw a holiday party. You know, it’s been a weird couple of years, going through this pandemic. And they’ve decided, you know, in a very neat manner, we’ve perhaps it’s via a virtual platform, because maybe all your colleagues are spread out all over the world.

Perhaps it’s in person and it’s and so, regardless of if it’s virtual or in person to or that you, you know, it’s participate into a little bit, you know, get into the spirit. That company has planned this party, someone had the job of planning this and if you’ve ever done it, it’s a big job. And the company the goal of this is for colleagues to get together after work in social type situation, and get to know each other a little bit. You know, what you you don’t want to introduce it, but, but if you know some of your colleagues a little bit better, it might make sense, some of the things they do or where they’re coming from, or you might you might understand a little bit better. So that’s the goal of the party. So what is the etiquette of attending the company holiday party? Well, first thing, person or so arrive on time, be prompt. You know, it’s very rude to be late to any party. So, so be on time and you know, to disappear within reason, I mean, pull out that holiday sweater you have and and wear it, you know.

So next things next, mingle you there, mingle introduce yourself to people that you do not know all time with folks, you do get to know someone else a little bit better. Why you came in the first place, and there are a nice buffet or some food maybe it’s a dinner you don’t you know, whatever your company has done. be appreciative for the person that was in charge of putting people in charge of this party. And still, it was a lot of work, to

plan a party and say there’s a perfect nice hors d’oeuvre. What’s the etiquette for that? We’ll use the utensils to pick up things with your hands and of course if there are dips and chips, or double Brian.

Load your plate. I mean, this isn’t the time to you know, get this giant free meal. No

if you go back to a clean plate surely there

and just be mindful that there are other other books already so don’t over eat and say the foods just terrible. Don’t say that. Keep that to yourself.

Say oh, it’s a very interesting or something. You don’t have to say anything.

Keep the spirit even mode high. Okay. You know, there could be a bar, right? The old alcohol and this is where things can go south.

So, a lot of companies give out drink tickets to plenty. So sounds great. It’s being responsible. It sounds completely doable. But if you’ve ever been in this situation, you know, there’s always that one colleague that goes around collecting more drink tickets from from the other people that do not drink at all. And this person is at the bar constantly and gets, you know, a Neve reIated and makes a total of themselves. So inappropriate soap and look around the bosses and the managers. They’re not behaving like this. You need to be on your best behavior, mind your P’s and Q’s. And they’re hurting you, you know. You think it’s all free?

Whelan you know, we’re all there just I’m stealing drink tickets and I’m inappropriate because here is the biggest thing I’m going to give you today. You are still at work. Regardless of the venue. You are still at work. Perhaps it’s zoom, and you decided to have a few drinks along with everybody else but you’ve had a few too many drinks. You can still make a spectacle of yourself on a virtual platform. Didn’t help do that. So please curb the alcohol not the time or place to go crazy integrate the party mode, time or place have a glass of wine if you’d like. Go home and Chardonnay but not there. This is your number one thing you are at work. Be respectful, be mindful of what you’re saying. Do not gossip do not badmouth people. Keep it positive because you know what studies show people like to be around positive people. They’re magnets for other people. So be a positive


Really curb that. So, on the dance floor, we’re not going to be you know, a total train wreck on the dance floor.

Like the dancer is dancing. Maybe a dance like Elaine on Seinfeld, well, what the heck, but at least don’t start Dirty Dancing, not the time or place for that either. So you’re gonna have to keep your wits about you. Be very mindful. So you can put your hair down within reason. Because you are still working and people are you know, do what you can do. Get to know some colleagues a little while you can introduce yourself. So you know, I hope these few tips will help you have a really enjoyable company holiday party. I’m sure you know, so. Attend the prom dress apart. Stay very positive.

No bad mouthing enjoy the food. Drinks. You know, look for the non alcoholic drinks are better.

Keep it respectful if you’re dancing. And here’s the last tip leave on time. Nobody wants one person that does lingers on like, you know, everybody wants to go home. So enjoy yourself. And I’d love to hear drop me a comment please. I’d love to hear. What’s your company holiday party like? Have you do you have any horror stories? Gosh, I have so many movies right about office parties during the holidays and I’m embarrassed I laugh at a few of them and you’re thinking holy cow. I can’t believe I’m laughing in that but but some of them just are sort of an exaggerated or maybe not version of what does happen in these these parties. So it’s not going to happen to you because you find this video and you’re minding your buddies and you’re gonna get your best behavior and still have a little fun.

Okay, so everybody, thank you drop me a comment please like this video. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel. be very happy if you did. Thank you. So everybody happy holidays. Enjoy that company holiday party. And as I always say, Please, please, big time.


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