How To Increase Overall Productivity In The Office

Do you feel like your productivity is slipping Perhaps you’re even succumbing to some distractions and disruptions at work. In this video, I’m gonna share with you my favorite tips on improving your productivity in the workforce. And if you stay tuned to the end of this video, I have 10 count 10 really outta the box, my master productivity hack tricks that I’m gonna share with you For tips on accelerating your professional career, subscribe to my channel, hit that bell button, and new video will be coming to you every Wednesday. Hi, I’m Adrianna Gerler, a business productivity specialist with over 20 years in the business, helping both businesses and individuals do what they do but better with a lot of distractions like social media, the internet and juggling. It’s really easy to have our productivity sucked up and what I’m gonna share with you in this video is how to improve your workplace productivity.
So come with me, let’s check it out. Prioritize your work. Are you working on the right things Lot of times people don’t. They’re just working on things that are keeping them busy or because someone just dumped it on them and there’s this lot of energy around it, like this has to get done now, but not necessarily of priority. So really understand what is it you’re supposed to do Focus on your goals and make sure that you link those two together so that what you’re working on is of high priority so that every step you take is moving you forward towards a goal. So many tasks, but so little time. If you can relate, let me know in the comment below. Eliminate distractions. We are constantly under pressure coming down on me, coming down on you. And now what are you gonna do , it is amazing the amount of pressure that we have at work.
We’re constantly chatting and through those chats and discussions and meetings and all that other stuff, we have a lot to do. But then we have these distractions going on all around us. So what are the top things you can do to start eliminating these distractions Well turn off all notification for your text and your email because those little bings and dings, and particularly the ones that pop up in the corner of your screen, will suck up your time. Another one that you can do is really helpful is only check your email twice. I know it’s like I’m telling you to do something that you probably wanna be constantly doing, which is checking email, but have you ever done an email in less than really a minute You probably had to think about it, write it out and it takes up and sucks up more time than you realize.
And the most important thing you do with eliminating distractions is to give yourself a block of time. In fact, do these power hours. It is away 50 minutes, five, zero. That’s all you need to get a chunk of time. And if you can set aside a power hour either on your door, if you have a cubicle, you can place it on something to hold off and say, Hey, don’t bother me. I’m either available or I’m not available. But this little block of time that you’re gonna set aside for yourself is huge. You’ll be amazed what you can get done. And if you just schedule in
Three of those, you are rocking it out as a productivity rockstar. So do it plan tomorrow. Today, you know what really slows you down When you wake up in the morning and you have no idea what is on your to-do list or even what your meetings are and you walk in and then you sit down and you try to figure it all out. An hour can go by just like that because you’re trying to figure it all out. What I recommend highly is you do it at the end of your day and really you only need a good 15 minutes. You’re already in the groove of work. Check out what your meetings are, plan accordingly and do your to-do list. And at the end just tidy up your desk. It’s really cool when you walk in with your cup of coffee, drink a little bit and you’re sitting down a clean desk and you can start your day time to delegate.
There will be a point in your career when the workload just gets to be too much and enter delegation. This is where you take a look at delegation and it can really improve productivity overall, not only for yourself, but for your organization. So how do you look at delegation Well, you gotta take a look at everything that’s on your task list and what you are asked to accomplish. And then you gotta see, are some things easy to do, not easy to do Are there are people around that can do it for you internally or do you have to outsource it But really do think about it. You can’t get everything done. And if you think you can get everything done and your workload is huge and you’re not gonna get it at the good quality and really having poor quality does not help productivity. So really take a look at delegation.
I have a cool video too. Check it out. That gives you some more information on this great topic on when to delegate and when not to delegate, cuz there is a time and a place for this. Now, if you really wanna rev up your productivity, I’ve created a Productivity master hack checklist. Grab it from the link below. Please subscribe to this channel, give this video a thumbs up and share it with all the professionals that you know. If you’ve used any of these productivity hacks or you have some good ones, please share them with me. I’d love to hear from you and put them in the comment below.

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