A Comprehensive Guide to Toggl Track Software for SMB

Unlocking Efficiency: A Comprehensive Guide to Toggl Track

In the bustling landscape of modern business, time is a currency as valuable as any other. Every minute counts, and for enterprises both large and small, maximizing productivity is paramount. This is where Toggl Track comes into play. Toggl Track is a time tracking software designed to streamline and optimize the way teams manage their time, tasks, and projects.

At its core, Toggl Track solves the age-old problem of time management. It provides users with a simple yet powerful tool to track their time spent on various activities throughout the day. Whether it’s logging billable hours for clients, monitoring project progress, or analyzing team efficiency, Toggl Track offers a comprehensive solution.

One of the key advantages of Toggl Track is its versatility. It caters to a wide range of business enterprises, from freelancers and small startups to large corporations. For small businesses with limited resources, Toggl Track offers an affordable and scalable solution to improve time management and boost productivity. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration with popular productivity tools make it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes.

Toggl Track’s features are tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses. Users can easily create and categorize tasks, track time with a single click, and generate detailed reports to analyze their productivity patterns. Additionally, Toggl Track offers real-time collaboration features, allowing teams to work together more efficiently and effectively.

However, like any software solution, Toggl Track is not without its limitations. One area where it falls short is in its lack of advanced project management features. While it excels at time tracking, it may not be the best choice for businesses with complex project management needs. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the mobile app, citing occasional bugs and glitches.

When it comes to cost, Toggl Track offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs. For small offices with 10 or fewer employees, the cost of implementing Toggl Track is relatively affordable. Pricing typically starts at around $10 per user per month for the basic plan, with discounts available for annual subscriptions. This makes it a cost-effective solution for small businesses looking to improve their time management processes without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Toggl Track is a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their time management practices. With its intuitive interface, versatile features, and affordable pricing, it’s an ideal choice for small offices and startups looking to boost productivity and streamline their workflows. While it may lack some advanced project management features, its core functionality makes it a valuable asset for teams of all sizes.

– Intuitive interface
– Versatile features
– Seamless integration with popular productivity tools
– Real-time collaboration
– Affordable pricing for small businesses

– Limited project management features
– Occasional issues with the mobile app

Bye by using a time tracking software, you and your team can further stream day to day projects and tasks by identifying the time it takes to complete specific activities now the time picking software called toggle you to collaborate with up to five Users completely for free. Hey guys, Stuart here. Welcome back to this channel. I hope you’re all having started in 2022 now today, I’m going to share with you how to use toggle track to simply track the time allocation of your day to day activities in your business so that you can further optimize your team’s productivity. Okay, so before we get started, consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already, or if you’re new to this channel, updated with actionable videos and tutorials designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to help your small business thrive online. And with that out the way, let’s go ahead and dive into toggle track you

Okay, so today what we’re going to do is cover the free web vision of toggle track. Now you can also download the app on iOS Android, as well as install the browser extension to allow you to integrate toggle track with your project measurement tools in your organization. To arrive at this page, simply head out to toggle.com forward slash track, and that’s going to take you here. Okay, so get started with toggle track for free. Add a password, and then simply click sign up with email, or you have the option to sign up with your Google account or your Apple account. I’m going to do is sign up for free with our Google account. So go ahead, take the time to sign up for free using your preferred method, and we’ll use inside your toggle track account, and here we are inside our toggle track account, and we can start tracking our time that’s allocated on projects, tasks and activities that we do on a day basis. Now in today’s beginners tutorial, what we’re going to do is on Toggle tracks free plan as this is sufficient small businesses and individual if we navigate down the bottom, you can see each we click here we have our default workspace elected. We can navigate down here to create a new workspace. Now, on the nature of your organization, you might want to create multiple workspaces. However, think about the workspace as your organization, and then you have your team, clients and projects within that space. So for the majority of small businesses, you just need one workspace. Now, if we navigate up to the top and by default, timer selected, and if you’re ready to track a specific task, simply navigate over to what are you and for example, a task I could be working on is a logo. So I can type in logo design here, and then once an activity that you want to track, simply navigate over to create a project. This allows you to add that activity that you want to track to a project, simply click Create Project. And for example, let’s say that I wanted to track a project for a specific client, and this project is going to be called rebranding for client a and once you’ve named your project, come down and select the workspace. We have this workspace selected by default, then below our workspace we have client. If we click here, I add this project to a client. For example, if this project rebranding was a project for a client of ours, then what I could do is select the client. Now, because I haven’t added any clients to our toggle track software, what I can do is navigate down to client and this rebranding project, like earlier, is for client a. So head and add client a for the purpose of this tutorial. Then once you’ve added your client name, simply click Add. And because we’re creating a project from Select a template. Then below, either we have the option to make our project private or public, and what we always leave our projects on. And this basically only allows our project members to access relevant projects that they are part of. If you turn this on to public, then anyone within account can access the project. So once you’ve added these details, simply come down and click Create Project. You see, if we navigate up here, you can see that we have our rebranding project selected, and this is for our client named client a then for this specific activity that you want to track, you can go ahead and add tags, and tags allow you to better manage your activities within your account. Then if we click Next, we have billable now, basically, at the moment, this activity is available. So for example, if we hit record, and let’s say it takes design, then we can turn this into a report and send this to our client a and invoice them for our billable time. However, what will because you can only use this paid feature if you upgrade to at least the startup plan, then when you’re ready to start tracking your activity, simply click Start Time Entry, and as you can see that’s going to start tracking our time now, to stop your time entry, all you need to do when you’ve completed this specific activity, and down here you can see a summary of your new time entry. Okay, now what I want to do is add one more time entry, one more activity that I want to track for this same project for this and however, this time, I’m going to type in homepage copy, for example, for this specific activity that I want to track within this rebranding project for client a is we need to redesign the homepage copy. So as you can see, I’ve added an entry, then I can navigate over to this folder icon, click here, and then come down and select rebranding for client a. I can also create a new project, if this was a new entry for a different project, but what I’m going to do is click client a and rebranding project. And again, because I’m using the free plan, what I’m going to do is turn off billable. I can also go ahead and add a tag, if I like. However, what I’m going to stop by tracking this entry, all I do is click stop, see. I now have to read project for client a and next amount of time that we’ve tracked today, as well as how long each activity and end time for each activity. Now let’s say that you wanted to continue working on a specific activity, a specific time entry, then all you would do is then navigate over to this play icon to continue the time entry. If we click here, you can see it activity, or I want to pause this activity, I would do is click stop again. Then if we navigate down to the existing entry that we continued, we can see the group entries over here by clicking on this entry, and down here, you can see our first and our second time entry that we just stopped. Then if we navigate over to the far right hand side of this entry, we can click on these three dots. We can duplicate this entry. We can set this entry as we decided to turn this entry into a billable entry. We also go to Project Add to Favorites entry. Now if we click out of here and navigate up to the top right hand side and click on manual mode, this allows us to manually enter a time entry for a specific activity, then to navigate back to the timer mode, simply click this clock icon. Okay, so that is how you can track your day to day gig activities and tasks. Now, if we navigate over to the left hand sidebar and under timer, we have analyzed if we click on Reports, and this is where we can view, save and download specific time entries based on teams, our clients, projects, tasks, billable

and descriptions. So for example, and then navigate down to our project that we created.

Then below reports, we have insights if we use for either your projects clients, and these reports and insights allow you to identify where your time is being spent, how you can further optimize your time, cut costs and more you can answer questions like, Are your projects profitable? Is there ways that you can stream the workflows and what activities are producing the best results? And then under Manage, we have projects. If we click here, this is where we can view, create and manage our projects. Then below projects, we have our clients. And again, this is where you can view manage and add new clients. Then below clients, we have team. This is where you can manage and invite your team members to collaborate with you on your toggle track account. Remember, the free plan allows you to collaborate with up to five users can free then below team, we have tags, and again, this is where you can add and manage your tags. Now, below tags we have split. This is where you can simply customize your account settings. Now we can also navigate over to integrations and with toggle track, you can access and integrate this tool with other popular tools that you use on a daily basis. For example, we could integrate Asana, which is a free project management tool. You toggle track to simply track our time entries for specific projects and tasks within Asana. What you’ll find with the free plans of most project management tools like Asana, Trello, JIRA, Ric and others, is they do not have a built in free tracker, and that is where toggle track comes in if you’re a powerful free time tracking solution. And then below settings, we have help and subscription. If we click on subscription, this is your 30 day free trial of the premium plan. And if you decide you want to upgrade to the paid plan after 30 days, then all you need to do is simply add your payment and you’ll be able to access all the premium features within toggle track. However, that is everything we wanted to cover in today’s toggle track tutorial for beginners to help you get started with time tracking. And there we have it, guys, that is it for this time tracking Tutorial for Beginners. Now if you enjoy about toggle track, make sure to pop those down below. And with that said, thank you so much for watching this tutorial all the way through to the end. If you got value, make sure you leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel, and that way i’ll see you next time. Take care. Guys.

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