Effectively Use Google Tasks to Manage Your Team

open up Gmail gmail.google.com Go to spaces here. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna create a new space now, this is where everything happens. So here’s like some of our clients or other miscellaneous departments in our company. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to create a new space which is going to be added here, and this is where all the task management happens. So learn how to do space, call this test space. Test. Okay, then what I’m gonna do, you can add a description to all sorts of things here. And you can even allow people outside your organization and this is helpful if you’re trying to interact like with your clients, or maybe like independent contractors who don’t have an email address that includes your domain name. So what what am I doing here is I’m gonna add different people to my team. Okay, I’m gonna add people and then I’m gonna hit Create takes a second. Everything is right here. As far as anything that’s happening, tasks or files is gonna reflect here in chat. And this is where my team and I can have conversations about certain things. So I’m gonna go over here to tasks.

Task one, let’s say for to test a client. Okay, and I’m gonna pick a due date for the night.

And I’m gonna assign that to Sydney. I’m gonna hit add. That is gonna show up right here. In chat. There it is. And if Sydney had a question, if I was signed into citizens count, she could tag me at Joel. Let’s say, I can tag myself. Okay, that makes sense. Anyway, she’s gonna say, What the heck are you talking about? That’s what she’s gonna say. Okay, so that’s gonna happen, and then I’m going to respond and we’re gonna have a back and forth about now. That’s the good thing about chat is you can have a lot of ongoing conversation about specific thing so that they can keep your conversations super organized. So for instance, like, I can have like 100 tasks in here, and someone can go to chat and ask question, a question about those specific tasks. And usually what happens is after those conversations come more tasks like Hey, before you do XYZ, make sure you do XYZ. So this is a great way to keep everything organized. You can also upload files so let’s say we have like maybe contract with the client or maybe we have certain logo files from the clan, anything pertaining to the project and all be up in the air, for anybody who’s in the space can add Malcolm X as well. So it’s a super great way to keep things organized. I will say Google Tasks is a fairly simple software. But I’ll get into that more a little bit later about why like, why don’t have any tasks over here that have been assigned to you, specifically. So sometimes, in his downside, it’s easy to get lost in all these because there’s no way to prioritize this list. There’s no way to organize it. You can’t alphabetize it you can do based on deadlines can do it based on really anything, which is a big downfall for Google Tasks. But what I can do is I can go over here to tasks,

and I can see all of them over here, and I can see oh wow. I am two weeks

and sometimes I’d find tasks in here that I did already completes I do see the checkmark disappear, which by the way, tasks are just gonna check like that for Sydney. It’s done. Okay, so over here tasks, right way to see all of your individual tasks spaces is a way to see everything going on with your team and their tasks. Okay, so another way to view your tasks is going ahead and open up your Google Calendar, calendar, your google.com Everything’s going to show up right here. So I’m looking here and I can see my tasks for today. I have reminders toggled on on a task I’m talking about and I have my email toggle. I kind of remove all this other stuff. And you’ll see all my work related things here. Right here if I want to just see robust, I’m gonna just run this I don’t have to change this view of the month and I can see that in the month of what’s happening

because I’m gonna reminders on tasks. reminders are different than TASKI than mine. So, go to tasks, make sure tasks is toggled on and now I can see kind of a bird’s eye view of all the different tasks that I have going on with deadlines. So if I have like a bunch of tasks going on, at the same time, I can kind of prioritize like the five tasks by the 26th. So it’s a nice way to view all your tasks in one place as well. Overall, I think that local tasks is great because it kind of it’s like everything in one place your emails and your your spaces are in one place with all the chat. Space, your files, your tasks. It’s kind of a nice way to have one application that does it all. And you can even use it on your own as well with almost the exact same capabilities. Now some downsides are it’s very limited in for instance, like organizing this when it comes to adding tasks, I can add like a bunch of sub tasks here. I can add sub tasks over here. But like, it’s not really good for managing a team, if you want to like create a website, okay, I’m gonna make that task and then what I would rather do is have to Wani subtasks here, and then when all those sub tasks are done, then great website. You know, somebody clicks that to indicate that it’s completely done. So that’s that’s a limitation as well as not being able to organize here, but all overall application or it’s included in Gmail or Google workspace or G Suite, all those things. It’s included, it’s free. So overall, I think it’s a great application. We’re using it as a team and we’re trying to make the most of it also. There’s tons of extensions in the Google Play store that you can add in to do special little functions automations as well. So there’s lots of things available there as well. I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please like subscribe and share and best of luck in business.

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