Office Policies and Procedures – How to Develop Them For Your Business

So as your business is growing and you’re getting more and more people on your team, you might find that there’s fusions, maybe mistakes being made, and this could all be due to lack of policies and procedures. Let’s talk about this Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. I’m Abby Johnson joined by Greg winter egg we are Matterhorn business development, your business mentors and profit advisors. So a big topic of discussion with our clients is employee manuals, procedures, processes and all of that and these are important to have in place. So first of all, we want to talk about policy. So what is a policy and how do you go about formulating policies so

the purpose of a policy is to prevent any disagreements. So our vacation policy is this or sick day policy is that salary review policy goes like this. So it’s to prevent any disagreements. But also the other thing that policy is there for is to help employees make decisions. So when there’s a decision being made, what senior management’s policy is, this is our company policy, all right, and if you’re in an area and things are being done, not the way that you want them to be done, you know, what, in what university sense, right? So let me use my demonstration piece. Let’s say you have these three, four different functions. All right. You can tell an employee Well, this is what you do with this is what you do with this, what you do with this, that if it’s not in writing, don’t be surprised. This comes along. Let’s see. I think boss said to do this, you didn’t write it down and you didn’t have a policy. So now it’s all written down. And this is our policy. Then when this comes along, oh yeah. Our policies I do that. And it’s very, very evident, since we’ve ever there’s a question that an employee that you at the top as the CEO as the owner, responsible to make sure that there is something in writing the employee direction, and we’re trying to remove the decision making process. And if it’s in writing, and they take this and they do that with it, these up let’s go back over here to our manual or procedure manual. Javeed heavy is going to cover next. We said this goes like this, right? And now you just throw them back in your policy and there’s no debate. Otherwise, there can be a big argument. So like, what do you do this for a while? I don’t know. That’s how I’ve always done it. Every other company I’ve worked at my dad used to run a company just like this. And we always did like that. But I told you about this. Yeah, but I don’t know. I think this is better. This is holding debate. So if you have your policy manual, while you’re training them, if they’re gonna disagree with doing less than five, and you go on to the next person’s for example.

Yeah, so policy is kind of the overarching Guiding Light of the company. For every area, not just vacation policies, but like you said, other decisions, I was in a finance area, and I really had I’d write all the policies and procedures for that area. So I had to determine when I came across something, you know, I had to learn okay, I’m never doing that even something as simple as we never buy from Office Depot because they have higher prices all the time. And we have special prices from Staples, where someone might be like, Well, I found this deal on the Office Depot website, so I ordered it from there, but they didn’t know that we have a special representative to go to that can beat that price. Something as simple as that. Exactly. So now next would be procedures. This is more tactical, the actual step by step of how you do something and we actually have another video which is really great on business process improvement, so we will link that below. That goes even more into detail into this, but really the gist is you need to be recording the steps of how to do something. And let me tell you, I’ve had to do this before the zoom. And it was a nightmare and I had to write down every single step and click here and click there and do this and you can do that you can type things out on a document screenshots. I had to make screenshots in My Word doc. It was just so so always great. Technology is you can video almost anything. You can set up a video like this where you’re talking to the camera you know, let’s say you’re training a salesperson, you can, you know, talk it out to the camera, what you would normally say with that person in front of you, or if you were in a position like I was where it was very like click here and go here and do this on the computer. There are now screen sharing technology that you can use on my computer back a few years even just a few years ago got every computer do that. But I would recommend either a software called blue which is L O N and that will screen for your computer. There read it you can have your face on the screen you can not have your face on the screen. And what is it creates a shareable link. So you can just record the video you don’t have to worry about uploading it to the cloud or anything. It already has a link that you can share to an employee or put in a manual or something like that. Another option is dead, which most people are using these days, and you can just go into a Zoom Room and there’s loom zoom rooms, these are all in use. But you can go into the Zoom Room by yourself and record the session share your screen and just narrate what you’re doing. And then the other part of this is I also just will recommend doing this while you’re actually doing the task. If you’re if you say wow, I have 10 invoices to enter right now to QuickBooks, then record yourself doing it in real time. That way you’re being productive as you work.

Yeah, and let’s talk about time before we end this because we make this recommendation all the time with our clients. I don’t have time for this. Well, first of all, whatever you’re complaining about, you know, the inefficiency, the lack of productivity, that’s just going to be eternal. Unless you take time right now to write the policy and record the procedure. So like Abby just said, with these tools that are available now with Zoom and zoom and recording, we even have one client that bought a GoPro and now when that client is teaching a procedure to a new technician somebody else is recording it. So you got to get smart enough to get all of this recorded in some manner. You can even dictate it while you’re driving around in your car. And you can pay people you can go to fiverr or wherever and you can send them your recording and they will type it for you. So there’s all kinds of ways now to put this in writing to record it digitally in some manner. So you have no excuse right now you need LLC and you need procedure.

Don’t use time as an excuse not to do this. So if you want to join the Mater Horn Family and learn more about our specific strategies that were using to help businesses grow, I highly recommend joining our YouTube membership program. You click the Join button and it’ll give you the details of different levels of membership. But we are making exclusive content for our members that we did not talk about anywhere else on our channel. So we really want to see what is inside the membership. And otherwise we’ll see in the next video

Afternote: I love that they offer these videos – great resources for business people no matter what industry you are in, breaking down objections and getting to the heart of the matter – we must discipline ourselves first to create policies and procedures before ask others to follow them. Great work!

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