Five Essential Items To Cover in Weekly Office Meetings

Most everybody knows you need to have a weekly team meeting. A lot of people don’t do it. And there’s a lot of confusion about what in the world do I cover. Well, today I’m gonna give you the five items that you need to go over in every weekly team meeting.
Hey guys, Greg, winter Egg here, Matterhorn, c e o. Hit that subscribe button, hit the bell. Be sure you get all of our awesome content. We’re churning out three videos for you every week. I’m gonna jump right in this, let me tell you, a team is lost if they’re not getting communication from the owner and the managers. Without these meetings, without a weekly team meeting, it’s very easy for your team to just get into a bad rut of getting up in the morning, showing up with their cup of coffee, going through the motions, the whistle blows, the bell rings, they go home, and it’s just a job. While I am here to tell you, that’s the result of no communication going down into that team from the owner and from management. So you must have a weekly team meeting. You cancel production, you cancel clients, you put the answering machine on if necessary, because this is so critical.
One of my summer jobs was working in a trailer factory. It was actually the very first summer job I had out outside of my dad of my uncle’s restaurant. And I was really impressed because every Monday over lunch, the plant manager called everybody in to the staff kitchen. And I don’t know, there were a hundred, 150 people in this company and everybody had their lunch. They ate it there during this production meeting. And the plant manager let us know what was the target that was achieved or not achieved from the previous week. What kind of problems were run into. So you must have communication down into your team every single week. Now, I believe there are five things that you have to go over at every weekly team meeting, right Number one, statistics. Every staff member, every team member needs to have a statistic that reflects their production.
the receptionist. How many phone calls did they answer How much mail did they handle I don’t care. Everybody has a number that can be tracked and tallied, and I don’t care if it’s a sticky note with little hash marks on it, but it needs to be turned into a graph. And every team member. Now, obviously not in a group of 150, but you have a staff of 6, 8, 10, 15, 20. It’s real easy for the manager over that area or for each individual staff member to sit there with their graph. And, you know, you don’t want to be the staff member with that graph. You wanna be the staff member with this graph. And I am telling you, just start to place this in, slam it in, make it mandatory. Give people a piece of graph paper and a ruler and a pencil, and you tell ’em every week they need to mark the line.
And you’re gonna see the number going up rather than going down. People don’t wanna sit there in a meeting with a graph that looks like this. They’re gonna do whatever they need to do to make their graph look like this. Just out a point of pride. So number one is everybody needs to take responsibility for their statistic, and the manager should have gone over with each of these staff members. This one, it needs to then announce how they’re gonna make that statistic go up. And this one is gonna announce how they’re gonna keep it up in that range. So when somebody holds up their graph, then they’re gonna say, this is what I’m going to do better, or this is what I’m gonna continue to keep doing. So now that staff member has an immediate idea of what’s gonna happen this week. So number one item in a team meeting is the individuals need to take responsibility for their statistics.
Number two item is program steps, action steps and targets. Now you have a manager over a particular area, a team, whether that team is even one or three or five people. That manager has certain objectives that have been handed down from senior management, the owner, as to what’s supposed to happen in that area this week. So if it’s marketing, okay, so this week in this marketing area, we are going to have to get out, the redesigned webpage, a new flyer for this or whatever it might be. And so then you have to go over as item two in a team meeting, what targets this individual has to hit this particular week. So I’m gonna hold up my statistic. First of all, I’m gonna say what I’m going to do to keep this number going up or to revert this trend. And then as far as program targets this week, I’m responsible for getting the new flyer done for the new promotional campaign.
So then the staff member is actually announcing to the rest of the group what they are taking responsibility for. So the second thing that every team member needs to know is what are the action steps that you’re responsible for this week Step three, every organization is going to have difficulties during the span of a week. There’s gonna be disagreements amongst the team. There’s going to be upset customers. There’s going to be things that go wrong in production. All right, it’s going to happen. These things need to be addressed in the weekly team meeting. So disagreements and problems are step three, but heres my rule, because if you don’t manage this correctly, it’s just everyone complaining and griping, and it can actually end up being a real negative, and you’re not gonna end off this team meeting on a positive note. So here’s my rule. If I have a problem during the week, I’m allowed to bring it up at the meeting with the accompanying solution.
So if I had a problem, with the receptionist and I’m constantly getting notes, and messages that are misspelled and the numbers are transposed, then I’m not gonna just bring this up and say, you know, she’s making it hard for me to do my job or whatever. I’m gonna go to her and I’m gonna say, Hey, how can I help you How can we work this out is there an easier way that you can let me know the message or whatever. So it’s quite all right. It’s actually necessary to bring up problems and things that didn’t work out well in the previous week. But the rule is you’re not allowed to originate a problem without also originating the solution. Number four, general announcements. This could be where you announce birthdays. you can even, I don’t know, bring in a group birthday cake for everybody who’s got a birthday in the month of June.
So general announcements that may not get disseminated to the entire group, maybe to only specific individual areas. the company, Christmas party is this or that. So then this one. Number four, keeps everybody informed of what’s going on everywhere in the company. Number five is actually the most fun. We actually required everyone to bring to the meeting, a particular win, a success, a testimonial from a client or a customer. And it’s great to end off the team meeting on a hi. So you can, if there’s a lot of people in the room, you can ask for a show of hands. The person running can just point and say, yeah, what’s your win this week What’s your win this week But it’s really an awesome way to end off the team meeting, letting everyone feel like, yes, I’m important. I contributed to the overall company purpose.
This place is awesome. We’re really helping a lot of people. If you don’t relay these successes and these wins from the customers back, it’s real easy to think that your job, the team member can easily think, my job doesn’t matter. I’m just showing up. I’m just getting a paycheck. But then someone in marketing, let’s say, hears about a customer that’s doing awesome and they were really, they remember responding to that Facebook ad or whatever, and the person at Morgan’s like, well, that was me. I, I, they wouldn’t have been here if it wouldn’t have been for me. It really, really creates an incredible team atmosphere. So these are the five major important items that I think need to be covered in every team meeting, and it has to happen every week. Schedule it now. Okay, everybody, I hope you really liked this video, so be sure to hit the subscribe button, hit that notification bell. We’re pumping out three videos a week to help you grow your business.

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